Can I clean my carpet with soap?


Cleaning your carpet with soap is only good for your carpet in small amounts. Overdoing it with the suds can cause more damage than it helps. Using too much soap is so bad for your carpet, you may as well have left the dog mess on it. Now that may seem a little drastic but read on and we will explain in more detail and take you through how and why we have come to this startling conclusion.


Cleaning your carpet with soap to Save Money


We understand why people want to deal with nasty stains and spillages themselves. It is quicker, more convenient and cheaper to clean you carpet with soap. Faster clean up, yes, much more convenient, absolutely, but saving money? Don’t kid yourself. Unless you are an experienced professional cleaner who knows what they are doing, uses the right equipment with the correct chemical balance, it is highly likely to cost you more in the long run.


DIY cleaning may be a low-cost alternative to begin with but the damage caused by getting the clean-up job wrong proves that it is a short-term fix that just papers over the cracks. Don’t make the common mistake that so many others do and think that you can do a better job than the experts. Leave it to the professionals and even though the outlay may be more up front, it will be significantly cheaper than doing it yourself and causing more damage.


Keep the Soap to a Minimum


Even the most fancy and expensive home-cleaning machines, the state-of-the-art, newest technology products (that look so good on the adverts to lure you in) are all soap-based. More often than not, they are not limited to the right dose or come with correct dosing instructions. This is where the problem lies because soap foams and it foams in ridiculous quantities at rapid speeds. Using too much detergent can mean that without a proper rinsing system (which the machines do not supply the majority of the time) you will be flushing your carpets and rugs for days on end. If you don’t then the consequences are awful.


The excess soap dries, hardens and becomes sticky on the surface of your rug or carpet. This is no way to live and you cannot relax with wet or sticky flooring. Rinsing it yourself is often an impractical task that will escalate the problem if you don’t know what you are doing and lack sufficient extraction. Without a proper rinse, air particles, feet, pet hair and everything else that passes through the room will attach itself to the flooring and the sticky surface will continue to attract all kinds of unwanted dirt. Which leaves you back at square one! You need a proper rinse from a machine like the one we use.


Less is More


We are certainly not saying for you to never use soap but are just actively encouraging the right amount being used. Over enthusiasm with soap proportions can cause disaster and as alluded to above, you will end up calling the professionals to solve the mess you have made which ultimately will cost you a lot more money. Save time, save cash and prevent the hassle by letting us take care of it for you!


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