Clean office carpets create a healthier commercial environment for staff & visitors

Carpets collect dust, dirt, and allergens. When foot traffic grinds these particles deep into the fibers, carpets look dingy and feel unpleasant underfoot. More importantly, pollutants circulating through your indoor air threaten you and your customers’ health. Diligent, professional carpet cleaning keeps your business healthy, welcoming, and looking its best.

How dirty carpets affect your staff and visitors.

Firstly, dirty carpets negatively impact health. Carpeting hides mold, mildew, dust mites, pet dander, lead, pesticides, and other toxic substances that build up over time. Air ducts recirculate indoor air, spreading these contaminants. This leads to increased allergy, asthma, and respiratory problems. Sick days and healthcare expenses rise. Additionally, grease, oil, food spills, and dirt wear down fibers. Carpet loses its springy padding and insulating qualities, necessitating premature replacement. Frequent professional cleanings extend your investment.

It can negatively affect business.

Secondly, dirty carpets detract from your business’ appearance. As floor coverings collect grime, they appear dingy, dark, and unkempt. High traffic areas show distinct pathways where dirt has compressed fibers. Stains damage aesthetics and appeal. Unpleasant odors linger. Overall, dirty carpets make spaces feel unclean and poorly maintained. This drives away prospective customers and clients. Keeping carpets cleaned and well-maintained enhances your company’s image and demonstrates you care about quality.

What can help?

Professional carpet cleaning balances health and aesthetics. The experts at Floor Blimey offer commercial carpet cleaning services to help. We utilize powerful low moisture cleaning systems and heated water extraction to deep clean carpets. Our non-toxic solutions lift dirt from fibers and padding while powerful suction removes residues. These methods minimize risk to our technicians and the area around us. We can restore dingy floor coverings to like-new conditions.

We can help!

Additionally, Floor Blimeys effective cleaning kills mold, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. We can apply stain guards and deodorizers for ongoing protection. Our technicians move equipment and furniture to clean the entire carpet. We offer evening and weekend appointments to minimize business disruptions. Volume discounts make routine cleanings affordable. Keep your carpets clean and healthy with Floor Blimey Commercial Carpet Cleaning. Refresh your office environment and safeguard your company’s professional image today by contacting us here.

“We have a very busy office in our parts department, unfortunatley the carpet had been neglected for quite some time, Floor Blimey brought a new lease of life to it, thank you!”

Marion Welsh, Ford Parts

“Adrain and Lee worked very hard on the carpet in my showroom. It’s important to me that it always looks as good as possible for my clients”

Dave Hughes, West Country Kitchens

“We can trust Lee and Adrian to maintain our carpets, it means we don’t have to think about it. It just gets done and they always look great

Mike Towler, Artspace Lifespace
large office carpet

Making a healthy environment

Dirty carpets in commercial areas don’t make for a good first impression! Not only that they can quickly become home to all sorts of bacteria and parasites, including skin mites, fleas and lice.

A clean office carpet not only looks nice but will help remove odours and creates a healthier environment for both staff and visitors.

Cleaning at a time to suit you!

Floor Blimey! specialise in the professional cleaning of carpets and carpet tiles within the commercial sector. Working around your companies office hours or opening times, we ensure minimal disruption to both your staff and customers.

Our commercial deep-cleaning system can bring even the most tired of carpets back to life.

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Minimal disruption in your workplace.

Floor Blimey! use a low moisure cleaning process. Developed by Texatherm it is regarded as the market leader in carpet cleaning systems. The unique low moisture process combines chemical reaction with a heated pad creating a capillary action which draws the dirt up and out the carpet fibres. The process is not only extremely effective safe and quite but drastically reduces drying time, causing minimal disruption in your workplace.

Carpets are dry in 30 minutes

“We recently moved in to new offices in Bristol and needed the carpet cleaned at short notice. Not only where Floor Blimey! keen to help us they have also transformed the carpet to almost new! Thank you”.

Fidel Beauhill, Modern Man Club

“We call on Floor Blimey! to clean our office carpets at regular intervals. They always do a fantastic job for us and we can recommend them to others with confidence”

John Hebbes, NYPD Plumbing

Our carpet cleaning process for commercial office carpets

All carpets are cleaned to the highest standard using the Floor Blimey 6 point cleaning programme:
1. Pre-inspection and site survey
We carefully check the carpet type, any hazards and the level of soiling.
2. Pre-vacuum
We use a high suction commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove any loose soil or grit from the carpet.
3. Pre-treatment
Particular spots and stains are identified and treated. The carpet area is sprayed with a chemical agent to break down and loosen soil deposits.
4. Aggitation
The carpet area is aggitated either by a hand carpet groomer or by an electric rotary cleaner (depending on the extent of soiling).
5. Carpet cleaning
Your carpet is cleaned using our low moisture, deep clean system
6. Post-inspection
We inspect the carpet thoroughly with our customer making sure they are completly happy with the results.

Why have workplace and commercial carpets professionally cleaned?

  • Reduces the risk of allergies among employees
  • Eliminates odours and helps your workplace smell clean and fresh again
  • Prevents bacteria buildup making your carpet hygienically clean
  • Prolong the life of your carpet as trapped soil and grit increases carpet wear and tear
  • Removes unsightly stains and spots

Safe and effective low moisture carpet cleaning

When cleaning carpets within a commercial environment it is vital that the correct carpet cleaning system is used. Electronic devices, IT equipment and computers form a large part of most offices and industrial spaces.

The excessive use of a ‘Hot water extraction’ cleaning system could be extremely harmful and in some cases dangerous. Excess water residue, floor standing computer towers and sunken electric sockets simply don’t mix!

Why use Floor Blimey for your commercial carpet cleaning?

Fast Drying Times – Carpets can be dry and ready to walk on again in 30 minutes, causing minimal disruption
Workplace friendly process – Our low moisture carpet cleaning process is safe to use around computer and electronic equipment
Effective Stain Removal – We identify the type of stain and know the best way to treat it.
Environmentally responsible – We only use approved, safe chemicals to ensure there is no damage to either the environment or your carpet.
Fully insured – We are fully insured with Public Indemnity and Public Liability insurance up to £5 million
Flexible approach – We work around your opening or office hours to ensure minimum down-time

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