St Marys Church, Portishead


St Marys Church, Portishead The church authorities wanted to launch a new cafe at the church called Lighthouse Cafe. After the new kitchen had been installed we received a call from the church asking us to tender to restore the beautiful herringbone style floor. We were delighted to win the tender and set [...]

Oak Floor Restoration


Oak Floor Restoration Our customer returned from holiday to find water escaping through the ceiling and the fire brigade pumping it out as fast as they could! This oak floor had been damaged in the turmoil and so needed some TLC to bring it back to life. First, we assessed the damage and [...]

Hope Chapel, Hotwells, Bristol


Hope Chapel, Hotwells, Bristol We were referred to this customer by one of our friends. Previous attempts at restoration by the church itself and other restoration companies had failed due to lack of experience and simply the use of the wrong type of finish. The church were nervous about attempting it [...]