Carpet Cleaning Taunton

Floor Blimey’s experienced and effective carpet cleaners offer professional carpet cleaning for homes and offices in and around Taunton, Somerset.  Ideally your carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep your home as hygienic, safe and fresh as possible for you and your family. Even if you vacuum your carpets once a week it won’t remove that damaging deep-down dirt. Regularly having your carpets professionally cleaned can help extend their life too!

Our Taunton carpet cleaning company is family run and local, we take pride in being comprehensively insured and offer a no quibble cleaning guarantee. We’re experts in removing stubborn stains too. If you’re not happy we will clean your carpet again for FREE with absolutely no issue and if you’re still not sure we offer a FULL money back guarantee.

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Your carpet is not as clean as you think

When you see that your carpet is looking dirty you are only seeing just the surface dirt. About 85% of the dirt is trapped deep in the pile. This dirt can shorten the life of the carpet and also hold dangerous bacteria.

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We specialise in professionally cleaning all types of domestic carpets, removing stains and helping to create a nicer environment for you and your family. We are highly experienced and only use the most up-to-date cleaning techniques and equipment.

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Cleaning your carpet with soap.

“Floor Blimey have clean our carpets yearly. We are always very impressed with the work they do and they are very professional.”

Mr Lea, Taunton

“Floor Blimey have cleaned our carpets for years. They always do the most professional job and are pleasant to have in our house”

Mrs James, Taunton

Your carpets will be dry in 30 minutes

We use the Texatherm Cleaning Process which is regarded as the market leader in carpet cleaning systems. This unique low moisture process combines chemical reaction with a heated pad creating a capillary action that draws the dirt up and out the carpet fibres. The result is an extremely clean carpet that can be dry and ready to use within 30 minutes.

Carpets are dry in 30 minutes

The Floor Blimey! carpet cleaning process

To ensure all carpets are cleaned to the highest standard we use the Floor Blimey! 6 point cleaning programme:
1. Pre-inspection and report
We carefully check your carpet type, the level of soiling and advise you on any permanent staining that can’t be removed.
2. Pre-vacuum
We use a high suction commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove any loose soil or grit from the carpet.
3. Pre-treatment
Particular spots and stains are identified and treated. The whole carpet is sprayed with a chemical agent to break down and loosen soil deposits.
4. Agitation
The carpet area is agitated either by a hand carpet groomer or by an electric rotary cleaner (depending on the extent of soiling).
5. Carpet cleaning Services in Taunton
Your carpet is cleaned using an appropriate deep cleaning system
6. Post-inspection
We inspect the carpet thoroughly with our customer making sure they are completely happy with the results.

Why have your carpets regularly professionally cleaned?

  • Removes deep down dirt that domestic vacuums simply can’t reach
  • Eliminates odours and helps your rooms smell clean and fresh again
  • Prevents bacteria and allergen buildup making your carpet hygienically clean and safe for your family
  • Prolong the life of your carpet as trapped soil and grit increases carpet wear and tear
  • Removes unsightly stains and spots
  • Improves indoor air quality – airbourne pollutants get trapped in the carpet and then released by foot traffic

Let our expert carpet cleaning team at Floor Blimey! help clean and restore your carpet, so that it looks great and smells clean and fresh.

Emergency stain removal

We all have accidents, whether it’s knocking a glass of wine over, spilling food or a pet that isn’t quite house trained. Fear not the Floor Blimey! (the carpet cleaning Bristol experts) are at hand, with our years of experience, knowledge and state of the art cleaning equipment we are able to treat and remove most stains.

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