Keeping your carpets clean in Chippenham

Living in Chippenham and owning a dog presents some unique challenges when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. As a town situated in the countryside of Wiltshire, there are plenty of muddy trails and grassy fields perfect for walking your dog.

Mud is tracked in to you home

All that outdoor fun means your dog will track in dirt, mud, grass, and whatever else he managed to step in. Maintaining clean carpets with an active dog can be tough, but it’s not impossible with some preparation and diligence.

The most important step is frequent vacuuming, especially near entryways and high-traffic areas. Try to vacuum at least every other day if your dog goes in and out frequently. You may need to vacuum daily during wet weather when mud is more prevalent. Investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair and dander can make quick work of keeping carpets clean between deeper cleanings.

Empty the vacuum and wash filters regularly so it continues performing optimally.

Mats can help

Placing mats inside and outside can wipe paws before your dog comes in and minimize the debris tracked inside. Use heavy-duty outdoor mats that can scrub mud and dirt off paws before entering. Inside, have a few absorbent mats to catch any remaining dirt as your dog moves from the entryway into the rest of your home. Shake these out or wash them often to keep them working effectively. Consider placing runners or area rugs in hallways or other high-traffic zones to protect your wall-to-wall carpeting underneath.

Deep carpet cleaning is essential

Of course, no amount of vacuuming or mats can fully prevent carpets from getting dirty over time. An annual or bi-annual deep clean by professional carpet cleaners may be necessary. Floor Blimey offer a deep clean carpet cleaning service in Chippenham and the surrounding region. We use modern and gentle cleaning agents and steam extraction methods. This deep cleaning will remove ground-in dirt, lift stains, and keep carpets looking like new.

Regular maintenance keeps you carpets looking and smelling fresh

Having a dog shouldn’t mean living with dirty, dingy carpets. With some easy daily habits like frequent vacuuming and shaking out mats, you can minimize the mess. Calling in professional carpet cleaners periodically to steam clean will revive carpets and prevent permanent damage. Your carpets provide comfort underfoot and contribute to the look and feel of your home. With active dogs, keeping them clean takes dedication. But it’s worth it to enjoy fresh, sanitary carpets that reflect the natural beauty of your home in Chippenham. Your dog may track in dirt from time to time, but with the right maintenance, your carpets can stay clean and last for years to come.

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