Timber floor sanding before

We have never met a wood floor we can’t restore

Over last week end the FloorBlimey! team have been busy floor sanding and restoring a really nice wide planked pine floor for a couple who have recently purchased a lovely secluded property near Bristol. The floor has always been covered with carpet and since the plumber and electricians have been in it has been broken and split in many places, but we have seen plenty worse.

During my visit to quote for the work the customer asked all of the questions I usually get asked on quotation visits so I thought I would answer a few of them so that if you are thinking of having your pine floor restored you can be as confident as possible that you have done your research.

Is it worth sanding and restoring my pine floor?

                                                                              If you want a timber floor and have pine floor boards then yes! Prices do vary depending on how far you go with the restoration, but in most cases it is cheaper than having a new carpet fitted and much

Timber floor sanding after

cheaper than putting a new timber floor over the top of it. We have never met a floor we couldn’t restore so there’s always hope!

How long will it take to restore my timber floor?

An average lounge will take between a day and two days to complete depending on what type of finish is used and some other factors.

How long will the finish last?

We use specific finishes for situations like kitchens and bathrooms to maximize the length of time a finish will last. Typically 7-8 years is a good rule of thumb.

Is there a lot of dust?

 Not at all. Our machines are professional dust free machines which make a tiny amount of dust in the atmosphere.

Is it going to be orange?

It’srare, but some pine boards will appear orange in colour when sanded. If they do they we can use a dye to get rid of the orange colour.