Love Football Hate Mud

So our two boys are throwing themselves into football season. The eldest rushing home from school and changing into his kit to hit the fields behind the house with his mates, and younger brother has joined a team. This means twice a week, once for training and once for games we brace the chilly wind and stand on the side lines to encourage him. All without becoming that parent that shouts out too much or too loudly. Which I’ll admit is hard.

Its a long game football and takes dedication. Not only does the usual Saturday morning now become a shrine to it, Tuesday teatimes are for training and a session for our team lasts 1 1/2 hours, so that means its home from school, a quick snack, change of clothes and out of the house and straight on the pitch. Then after all the efforts we head home when big brother will usually show up from his game and then its bath, another change of clothes and as by now their both starving, one of us will then cook a meal.

And then I notice the dirty carpet….

The thing is every single week, in fact almost every day,  despite my shouts of “take off your boots and put your kit away” mud gets in the house in some form or other. Sometimes it simply comes off the kit bags onto the carpet. And of course it has to come back off again.

I now know the best way of dealing with it at first is to simply ignore it and get on with the tea. Starving kids are more important than dirty carpets after all but there is another reason to do this. Mud comes out more easily when dry. Try and tackle mud with a wet cloth straight away and you’ll either spread it further or create a muddy puddle on the carpet. However once the mud is dry you can easily brush up or slowly vacuum away the worst of it then tackle leftovers with fresh water. Fresh water that is and NO SOAP. Unless you can be absolutely meticulous with rinsing this will just make your carpet sticky so avoid it where possible. Once the worst of it comes up with the vacuum you can use a clean white cloth (to avoid colour run) and simply rinse and blot until the dirty marks have gone. Rubbing can damage carpet fibres so try to avoid this. It will probably take a bit of patience and a lot of fresh water but mud shouldn’t stain and you should successfully be able to get it out.

Floor Blimey! can clean muddy carpets and its quick drying too.

Love Football Hate Mud.If the mud won’t come out despite your efforts you  may need help. However please avoid at all cost any products from the supermarket that will claim to do the job  (just more sticky soap) and call us to help 01934 611442 or fill in this form. Our Texatherm system can easily get mud stains out and in most cases your carpets will be dry within 30 minutes. And that is is a big bonus when you’ve got a busy family.

So now you know how to tackle it (see what I did there) you need worry no more about mud. Which is good because lets face it football stresses us out enough as it is……