Why cleaning your carpet with soap is worse for it than dog poo – yes really!

Why cleaning your carpet with soap is worse for it than dog poo – yes really!

Theres a bit of story going around. You may have heard it from friends or read about it on social media. Its about a woman (I’ll call her Alice) and her disaster with her robot vacuum cleaner.

The story goes how Alice set the timer on her vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets around the house at 1am, whilst everyone slept. Everyone except the dog that is, because unbeknownst to Alice her dog had decided to take a poo on the rug, and of course unbeknownst to the robot it was right in its way….

The carpet’s a disaster and it gets worse…

So disaster unfolds. Poo is carried all around the downstairs of the house on every single available bit of carpet. Can you actually imagine anything worse than this? I can,  Alice has a toddler.

The toddler comes down early in the morning to play , on the carpet- well she would wouldn’t she? – and then of course she wants to wake mummy- by climbing into bed with her. Now, this is probably one of the worst things that has ever happened to Alice. ( And the toddler) and when she goes to investigate she is greeted by the most evil sight you can possible imagine in your wildest dreams, although I’ll bet your having a good go.

Should have called Floor Blimey! the Weston super Mare carpet cleaners!

So we’ve got poo all over the carpets, poo all over the toddler and poo allover Alice. Oh and probably the dog- I forgot about him. Could this story actually get any worse? God yeah,  because instead of calling Floor Blimey! (the Weston super Mare carpet cleaning company) to solve the problem and do a great clean up, Alice decides to tackle it herself, with a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner she keeps under the stairs.

Don’t use lots of soap cleaning your carpet!

Now, do it yourself carpet cleaning machines use soap. Lots of it, because you need a lot of soap to clean carpets after all don’t you? No!!!! Actually you don’t. In fact soap is possibly a worse enemy than dog poo to your lovely carpet. Soap you see is sticky. And it foams, a lot. Ever tried to rinse the last little drop of it out of your bottle of bubble bath or washing up liquid? Just keeps foaming and foaming and foaming right? Well if you’ve put some of this soap into your carpet your going to have to rinse and rinse and rinse AND RINSE to get it out again. And then when you think you’ve gotten it all out, well you probably haven’t. So your carpet will be sticky when its dry.  And that means every single thing that touches your carpet afterwards, from feet or airborne particles will stick to it. And then it will get dirtier and you will see within a few days those tell tale map shaped dirty marks on your carpet that just happen to be where you cleaned the other day.

Now I’m not saying never use soap on your carpets and floors. It can be ok but only in TINY amounts and if you are sure you have the time and inclination to rinse it out completely- no cutting corners here. Floor Blimey! do use soaps, but they have the right tools to rinse it out completely for you. In fact we have a motto for you at home- if it doesn’t come out with clean water alone, call an expert ( Floor Blimey! – the Weston super Mare carpet cleaners on 01934 611442).-  But if like Alice you just have to tackle it yourself PLEASE use tiny amounts of soap and rinse very very thoroughly. Oh and ditch the at home carpet cleaner. And the dog. (Just kidding).

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