Fresh, clean upholstery for all the family to enjoy!
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We keep your upholstered furniture clean, looking good and smelling fresh. Domestic Upholstery Cleaning.

Three piece suites, sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, and other upholstered furniture that you have in your home take a constant battering. Most are used day in, day out and for prolonged periods of time. Your furniture is laid on, sat on and quite often has all sorts of things dropped or spilled on it. Keeping your upholstered furinture clean and looking nice can be a difficult job!

Floor Blimey! can help…

The upholstered furniture in your home is quite an investment and so it makes sense to look after it. Having it regularly cleaned not only keeps it looking good and smelling fresh but will extend its life expectancy.

Floor Blimey! are able to give your soft furnishings a new lease of life by professionally cleaning and, where possible, removing unsightly stains.

Safe and effective cleaning

We know that expensive furniture requires great care, so we always indentify the composition of your upholstery before we start and determine the most effective process to use.

We only use cleaning products that are low-pH, meaning they are safe for pets, environmently friendly and clean your furniture gently but effectively.

The Floor Blimey! upholstery cleaning process

To make sure your upholstered furniture is cleaned to the highest standard we use the Floor Blimey 6 point cleaning programme:
1. Pre-inspection & indentification
A full and extensive before-clean inspection and fabrics used on your upholstered furniture are indentified.
2. Review and action
The condition of upholstered items are reviewed and the best course of action and cleaning process is decided.
3. Pre-vacumm
We use a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to deep clean and remove any loose soil or grit.
4. Fabric test & pre-treatment
A colour test is performed on a small hidden area of fabric, spots and stains are identified and pre-treated.
5. Upholstery cleaning
Your upholstered furniture is cleaned using the chosen cleaning process.
6. Post-inspection
We inspect the upholstery thoroughly with the customer ensuring they are completly happy with the results.

Why should I have my upholstered furniture cleaned?

  • Restores the colour
  • Makes it clean and sanitized
  • Deodorizes and conditions
  • Makes the area hygienic
  • Removes soiling and bacteria from pets 
  • Removes hand & head grease
  • Kills and removes dust mites
  • Removes marks, spots and stains
  • It will prolong the life of your furniture

Emergency stain removal

Accidents do happen! It’s very easy to knock over drinks, spill food or be left little surprises from your pet or small child. Worry not, Floor Blimey are here to help. We have state of the art cleaning equipment and years of experience and know-how. Stain-wise there isn’t much we haven seen in our time, most of which we have successfully treated and removed. So if you’ve had a little mishap on any of your upholstered furniture then give us a call!

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